Lie Detector test or Polygraph

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Why should you use a private LVA or Polygraph lie detector test?

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When the trust between close family members or partners comes into question, it often leads to a complete deterioration in relationships. This can increase stress and undermine confidence; it may even impact your ability to live your life, either at home or elsewhere.

A lie detection test, conducted by a highly qualified examiner, offers a quick and effective solution. The outcome will either confirm your suspicions so that you can adapt your life appropriately, or it will identify the verified integrity of the person in question and allow the relationship to be rekindled before a terminal breakdown.

You should use a lie detector test to create a quick outcome in certain matters of conflict.

Infidelity, theft, sexual harrasment and drug abuse, are some matters that can be tested within a private context. Doing this can de-escalte the emotions affecting the conflict, or prove that you have to act directely on the suspicions you've had.

Standard Lie Detector Test

Our years of experience come to gether in these standard lie detection questionaires to find out if someone is involved in one of the following standard test options: Infidelity, Theft, Drug or alcohol abuse, Violence or Dept.

After a short intake by telephone, the test candidate comes to our office for a 30 min test. Within two days we will sent you the standard outcome report by email.

Price: € 395,- ex. VAT

Personal Lie Detector Test

A more accurate approach is our personal lie detector test. Together we discuss the topics and our highly trained experts set up a personal 10 or 20 question lie detector test on any topic. We also take time to explain the testing procedure and all your questions.

After testing we personally analyse the data and within two days we will sent you the standard outcome report by email.

Prices: from € 495,- ex VAT (10 questions)

Lies Detection Investigation

Lies or compliance investigation is our most extensive lie detection programme. We advise you to take this when very important issues have to be adressed, such as: Grand theft, Sexual and child abuse, Robbery, and high level privacy related issues.

After testing we personally analyse the data and we will sent you the fully written outcome report to an addres or dedicated email by your specifications.

Prices from 695,- ex VAT by quotation

But, be aware of the consequenses of lie detector testing

Any consideration of lie detctor testing should begin with the realization that lie detctor testing with Layerd Voice Analyses (LVA) or a polygraph are a serious matter. The outcome of a test will affect your live because no one wins. If you are convinced that the other person is lying and the test shows he or she is truthfull, then your conviction was false. And how will you cope with that? But also when you were wright and the other person failed the test, there will be consequences that can lead to a serious conflict in your relationship with this person. So a lie detectortest is not a game or something to experience, just to say you did it.

Lie detector testing, only by free will

A suspect or person of interest, who denies involvement in the matter under investigation, may be asked to take a lie detectortest as a means of assessing his or her denials. In The Netherlands people can only take a lie detectortest when asked to cooperate, but do not have to take one when forced to. So please take in consideration that it might be common to use a lie detector in your homeland, but in The Netherlands or Belgium people are free to take one or not and the results are for private use only.

Are the lie detector test results and information confidential?

We adhere to very strict confidentiality and privacy standards. All information from an examination is kept strictly confidential and private and will be deleted after two weeks. Test data will never be handed over to anyone not directly involved or law enforment agencies. It is up to you what to do with the outcome of a test.

How accurate is Layere Voice Analyses or a Polygraph?

A polygraph test is not the same as a LVA test (layered Voice Analyses). A polygraph is often use to confront a suspect with certain perpetrator knowledge'an d meassure reactions in the body, where a Layerd voice analyses test is often used 'to let someone speak theid mind' and collect more information arround a subject. We find this kind of testing more suitable for private Lie detection procedures as we doný have to hook up someone to a machine. We find that LVA can score up to 95% and also studies have concluded that the single-issue (one question) polygraph exam, conducted properly, is 87 to 95 percent accurate.

Accuracy of a lie detector test is the combination of factors:

  1. You need a verry accurate and stable instrument. Therefor we us Layerde Voica Analyses or a Polygraph and not just some common stress indicator

  2. The examiner must be highly trained, confident in his work an must not be emotional involved on the matter.

  3. A strategy of questions must be used

  4. The test candidate must be clean of drugs or havy medication

  5. the psychological well being of a person must be in order

What happens during a LVA or polygraph examination?

A typical lie detector test examination will include a period referred to as a pre-test, a data collection phase and a test data analysis phase. In the pre-test, the lie detector examiner will complete required paperwork and talk with the you and the examinee about the test. During this period, the examiner will discuss the questions to be asked and familiarize the examinee with the testing procedure. During the data collection phase, the examiner will administer and collect voice recording data or polygraph charts. Following this, the examiner will analyze the data and render an opinion as to the truthfulness of the person taking the test in a written report. The examiner, when appropriate, will offer the examinee an opportunity to explain physiological responses in relation to one or more questions asked during the test.

Can you fail a lie detector test because of high blood pressure or nervousness?

A lie detectortest is not designed to record or measure nervousness. While a person’s heart beat and respiration rate may increase when he or she is nervous, a qualified examiner understands this, and will take it into consideration when evaluating an examinee’s response. Unlike general nervous tension, an examinee’s reaction to deceptive responses is highly specific. An examiner mitigates a nervous response by reviewing the questions with the examinee and through an acquaintance or “practice test” prior to the exam.

Can you beat a lie detector test?

The Layered Voice Analyses system is designed to pick up smal changes in your speaking patterns 129 various indicators are measured during your statement in real time or by analysing a recording of a statement. Thousands of measurements are taken during a statement. So how to manipulate the measurements while you don't know wat is measured at what moment? Als manipulation will be detected, as it is differs from an normal speach pattern.

The polygraph works by recording changes in a person’s Sympathetic Nervous System, part of the Autonomic Nervous System, which operates independently of conscious thought. For example, your lungs and heart continue to operate even when you are asleep – you don’t have to think about it. These systems can be consciously controlled only very slightly, and attempts to change these systems are usually picked up by the examiners. It is highly unlikely that someone can alter the outcome of a polygraph exam, but it is not impossible. A verified accuracy rate as high as 95% attests to this fact.