Compliance is the new standard within corporations, but how to check behavioral abnormality?

Our corporate and compliance investigations form a large part of our activities. Call us now on +31 (0) 6 29574907 for a free consultation. Asked bu HR and compliance officers, we often establish the integrity of staff members who come and work for your organization and may harm your reputation through unethical conduct, sexual abuse or just for personal gain when not stopped before starten their new job.

We work together with the HR and compliance officers to chech the backroud of a candidate, but also his or her earlier behaviour concerning theft, fraud, bribes, debts, gambling and drug or alcohol abuise, before someone is hired.

Our professional Lie Detection exams stopped orcleared employees on all company levels

The examiners at The Dutch Conflict Institute | The Lie Academy are highly trained and experienced investigators. They formulate investigative strategies and plans that will lead to the identification of unethical individuals before they are hired or can be taken out when allready working for your company as destructive agents.

Apparently honest people lie their way into a job by falsifying educational credentials or employment history. Others spy and steal technical and other information for the benefit of competitive organisations or are threatened to do so because of outstanding debts.

Who is in control over your compliance officer? We are !

Before you hand over the keys to the Holy Grail your company is, who clears your:

  • Compliance officer and staff, whoe knows all teh work arounds

  • HR officer and staff, who can hire the wrong people

  • IT officer and staff, who can copy and sell all important information

  • Sales manager and staff, who can steal you client list

They are the back bone of your company, with acces to all the goods. Who is protecting your company from them when their ethics are disputable?

Protect your company by knowing who you hire and what their real intentions are

Is what someone says they want to do, also really what tehy are going to do? incidents of theft, fraud and armed robbery of cash in transit, infecting your IT systems with ransom ware? We have taken out inside agents conspiring to facilitate crimes before they could start, or could do more harm by stopping them.

Other areas that can benefit from a professionally conducted polygraph or LVA examination, include offences of intellectual property mismanagement and insider dealing, as well as the unauthorised disclosure of sensitive information or data.

Employment screening and vetting processes

We deliver comprehensive pre- and in-employment screening and vetting processes to companies whose employees may pose a risk to themselves, their staff and/or clients. When an individual in a position of trust acts unethically, it undermines the business and can cause the workplace to become an unpleasant and even toxic environment. This impacts on the morale of staff, causing demotivation and a reduction in performance and profit margins.

The reality is that some employees are controlled by an addictive behaviour pattern such as alcohol, gambling or drug abuse. This often leads to individuals acting unethically to finance their hidden lifestyle. In other cases, foreign intelligence services may obtain employment for their agents in leading companies so that they can steal industrial trade and technological secrets.

Don't be naive, undermining can and will happen to you at some point

Internal investigations, when conducted properly, can identify staff members who present the most significant risks to your organisation. The lie detector test is a really useful tool to inform your risk assessment process; it lets you manage the threats where intelligence has identified an individual or group behaving unethically.

Formulating the most appropriate questions is vital in a polygraph examination. Our examiners have the acquired experience and insight to ask the right questions. This gives them (and our clients) an advantage in the pursuit of truth and protecting the companies they work for.